Sunday, February 27, 2011

Karla Franco's Fresh Kickback.

Friday was probably one of the chiller nights I've had in a while. Despite the rain, Karla Franco was able to pull off a gnarly kickback for her 18th birthday. Everyone had a festive time, (as you can see in the pictures). It's nights like these that make me think different about going out at night. This is what Friday nights are about, not shuffling at an all ages club that your mom drops you off at. Well now for what you all have been waiting for.. the pictures! Enjoy!

Staying productive.

Harmony & Crystal.

The quad.

When you see it..

B-Stud blunted.

Myra and the birthday girl, Karla.

Jester and Chesse.


Chester, feelin' good.

Laughing is a habit.

Alamillz killz!

Albert, straight reppin'.

I don't like being in picuters unless I'm on my bike, but eh.


Elshtevio, Neens, me, and Jess.

Chester, puttin' it down for the homies.

Epic meal time with Ches.

No comment.

"Nice night huh?"

(She walks in..)

"Ugh!!" (chug!)

Blurry, but Johnny wanted it up.

Approved? Approved.

Pow wow.

Sad dog is sad.

Steady mobbin'.

Align Center
Ended the night with that Mocasalsa swag.

- Kelvin "Sober" G. Santos