Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can't Flush.

BPHS got out early today at 12:57, (11:45 for students with no 6th period, like us). Me, Patrick, Victor and Andrew all decided to go to Subway for lunch. Our good buddies Ramon and Chester dropped by as well. I went home afterward to rest up. I also managed to catch a good little BMX session outside of my house using a spare wheel, old speaker box, and a step ladder as obstacles! Patrick, Victor and Andrew later then rendezvoused at my house to lower the back end of my car (adjustable coilovers). All I have to do now is slam the front end, which requires a fender roll.. Anyone think they can help?

Beautiful table.


Fellow companion Vic from STP adjusting the coils.

That was then..

This is now.

- Kelvin "Can't Flush" G. Santos