Monday, February 21, 2011

Buttery Sundays.

Went to church by myself on Sunday morning, then went to Fullerton Bike Shop to meet and ride with the Haro BMX team. I was lucky enough to have Dennis Enarson come up to me and give me a free pair of pedals just because he saw the condition my pedals were in. They served a whole mess of pizza and Rockstar energy drinks all for free!!! The Haro team ended the demo with a product toss give-away! I was able to get another free pair of pedals and a fresh Haro hat! After leaving the BMX demo, I went home to meet up with Warren, Ferney, and Cedric to go head out to DJ at Strawberry Saundays in Montebello. Not bad for a Sunday.

My P.O.V.

A day to remember.

- Kelvin "Does It All" G. Santos