Monday, February 28, 2011

First Real Car Meet.

Sunday night on February 27th, Joe invited me and Frank to a car meet that we've all heard of before, but never actually attended. We took off and got there at about 8:30pm and rolled up with some other imports on the way. When we arrived, we were astonished by how many different cars were out there. Most, if not, all the cars were imports. There were hundreds of cars across the lot. You had to be there. I'll be going a lot more often, so stay "tuned"!

Just about sums it all up.

The real reason why everyone comes.

Bossy Supras.

Fat foggies on an Accord.

Beastly flat green Hachiroku.

White on white NSX? Frosty.

Form > Function? Not my swag, but I respect these guys.

Tucked Scion.

Roof racks with no bikes; my pet peeve.

I love Hachirokus.

Ran into a sleeper 240sx.

Aggressive Lancer Evolution.

Definition of V.I.P.

Offset is everything.

Flush? Flush.

Wonder whose car that could be?!

Notice the crafty license plate.

Pretty much every Teggy had the Japanese front end.

Great turn out at the meet. We'll be back soon.

- Kelvin "Function > Form" G. Santos

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Karla Franco's Fresh Kickback.

Friday was probably one of the chiller nights I've had in a while. Despite the rain, Karla Franco was able to pull off a gnarly kickback for her 18th birthday. Everyone had a festive time, (as you can see in the pictures). It's nights like these that make me think different about going out at night. This is what Friday nights are about, not shuffling at an all ages club that your mom drops you off at. Well now for what you all have been waiting for.. the pictures! Enjoy!

Staying productive.

Harmony & Crystal.

The quad.

When you see it..

B-Stud blunted.

Myra and the birthday girl, Karla.

Jester and Chesse.


Chester, feelin' good.

Laughing is a habit.

Alamillz killz!

Albert, straight reppin'.

I don't like being in picuters unless I'm on my bike, but eh.


Elshtevio, Neens, me, and Jess.

Chester, puttin' it down for the homies.

Epic meal time with Ches.

No comment.

"Nice night huh?"

(She walks in..)

"Ugh!!" (chug!)

Blurry, but Johnny wanted it up.

Approved? Approved.

Pow wow.

Sad dog is sad.

Steady mobbin'.

Align Center
Ended the night with that Mocasalsa swag.

- Kelvin "Sober" G. Santos

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Big Blue.

Researchers finally released a report of marine life found in 25 key areas of the world, with over 10,000 species in each area, including fish. Within those thousands of fish, there are some who stay primarily in one area, and some that travel the sea. But through it all, pretty much every fish finds their mate.

- Kelvin G. Santos