Saturday, January 29, 2011

That's What I Call A Day Vol. 4.

We all got up pretty early and went to Will's house. Me, Patrick, Frank, Andrew, Victor, and Anthony just hung out at Will's pad for a bit, then we all decided to do to La Habra Skatepark. Victor, Will and Frank decided to stay so Patrick, Andrew, Anthony and I went to La Habra. It was pretty fun, and Anthony got a lot of intense pictures to throw onto his Tumblr. Make sure to check his sight out!




La Habra Skatepark.

- Kelvin G. Santos


The clock struck 12:00 am; it was officially Frank's birthday. We all celebrated with some fresh fireside chats and firme rolas. Happy birthday bro.


Out with the old.

- Santos Brothers & the crew.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Picture Me Rollin'!

Frank's DA is looking CLEAN. Always on the come up! We did a little fresh photoshoot at a local lowkey location. We'll have more updates soon... but until then, make sure to get a bucket under your chin; you'll be drooling.

My S13: Fresh speedometer and zebra side panel done by me.

Can you say slammed?!


- Kelvin "Silvia" G. Santos

Dull Nights.

I don't know if it's just us, but it seems like weekends are ALWAYS DEAD. We all really need to start planning our weekends ahead of time, or they'll all end up rotten. Buena Park is burnt.. We just went to SubWay for some grub, called it a night early.

No food?


What happened to the good old nights?

- Kelvin G. Santos

Monday, January 17, 2011

Strawberry Sundays. Jan. 16

This Strawberry Sundays was awesome! This event was held at QC's 20/20 in Montebello. The venue is huge and very classy. We, The KnuckleDusters, were lucky enough to DJ all night long! There were two spots to DJ at, so we were set up outside. Of course other DJ's were up before/after us as well. We were fortunate enough to drop not one, not two, but three sets; we dominated outside! We got an extreme amount of positive feedback during/after our sets. We'll hopefully be comin' up soon, but in the mean time, we be steady mobbin'. Thanks to all that attended and supported us! Shouts out to LoveAttack.


Rowdy A.




Our Dubstep Set got people to stop chaffling and start popping and locking.


Unique music = unique moves.

Coolest cats.



- Santos Brothers

Simple Saturday.

What's to do on a Saturday night? Why not go to your best buddy's house for some Disney Channel, pizza, Crystal Light, and a hamster?? That's what I did! I went to Patrick's house and played around with his and his girlfriend's new hamster, Skippy! It's simple nights like these that make the freshest memories.

Urban feast.

Ese Lil Skippy!

- Kelvin G. Santos

LA Kings.

One random night, Frank, Johnny, Ferney, Warren, and I went to East L.A. for stuff.. and along the way we stopped by some remarkable spots that can only be found in the heart of the city. Twas a satisfying night for all.

Restaurant AND roach-coach? Classy.

Ferney recommended this spot.

Burritos all night.

Say wha?!

Fresh note that Mom left for me and Warren. Love her.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Smooth Tuesday.

Started my morning off right with the usual: Andrew's pad with Patrick. This week is feeling pretty smooth, let's hope it keeps up. After school I tried going to Peak skatepark, but it was closed, so I went to Brookhurst skatepark. That park is too much for me, lol. After, I came home to see a clean white EG parked in Frank's DA-Pac Garage. Met the guy, very chill. Frank slammed his car, and Frank will be slamming more cars to come! Love meeting new people, especially car enthusiasts!

Me and Pat.


Sad sight.

One of the cleanest EG's in the OC that I've seen.

Frank always puttin' in work for the homies.

Get me some blue ones of these and I'll love you forever.





- Kelvin G. Santos