Friday, December 16, 2011


Thursday night, me, Warren, Anthony, Dwayne, Fabian and DanielRay met up at Attic where we spent a good amount of time watching Initial D and Mythbusters. Then we all realized we had full tanks, so why not dip over to Brea? My frame took a hell of a beating on the way there and back.. Well whatever, it was worth it. Felt good to be out of my city for one night.

Dwayne X Bear.

E30 was tharsty.

Bosses don't need steering wheels to drive.

Anthony is a God at packing bowls.

Nigga loves his Sirachskies.


"Le Couge"

Douche Bag Crew por vida.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Run The Night.

This weekend has done nothing but piss me off, so I had to tell some people off. To celebrate, me, Warren, and Anthony all got some late dinner at Keno's. Good vibes at the end of the night.

Jack & Coke.

Bella's back.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Minute S-Chassis Meet.

It was a random Sunday night when my buddy hit me up for a last minute s-chassis meet he read about on Zilvia. I was already tired from biking at the skatepark all day, but when I read his text saying that there was a bunch of 240's meeting up at the Wendy's by my house, I immediately jumped into my car to go check it out. It wasn't huge, but hey, what can you expect from a last minute meet? Met some really cool people there too, and some people from our local meet as well.

Also met a really cool guy; Andrew Ferguson from Honeymoon Garage.

His car is usually a lot lower than this.

Surprise surprise.

Don't forget to check out what Andrew at Honeymoon Garage have to offer.
Honeymoon Garage covers all sorts of services, builds, swaps; they do it all.

They are currently located at 1135 W. Berkley. Unit E, Orange, CA 92868
You can also contact Andrew Ferguson via
-Phone: 1-(949)-232-8349

- Kelvin G. Santos