Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Night.

A late Merry Christmas to all who visit the blog! I hope everyone one had an awesome Christmas Eve and Christmas day; we know we did!

Later through the day, Johnny and I went out to pick up Dee (his girl) and Daisy (her friend). We then went to Turnbull Canyon to do some sweet canyon runs. Johnny (Car: EG Civic) and Warren (Car: Cougar) have already raced these canyons before, but it was a first time for me (Car: 240sx). Chasing the touge was crazy! I fell in love after the first run, and I'll definitely be coming back. Killed the rest of the night at my pad with the homies; pretty sweet Christmas!



Broken leg?

Some "thing" was on her boot.


"Ram ram".


That's that hair.

Audio-Cedric, having a blast.

Dimples, cuhh!

Chicks love my glasses.

Fantastic 4.

- Kelvin G. Santos