Thursday, November 25, 2010

Washed Out Wednesday.

I had a fresh breakfast today; chicken bake from Costco, Crystal Light packet in some water, and my phone. We helped Frank touched up his grill and moldings on his DA. Then I had Kayla come by to kick it, super chill. We need to chill more, seriously. The homies had some festive greens and we all went to McDonald's, that is after getting Boba. Got home, and sadly, Kayla left. We were all bored at home and just decided to call it a night at 12:20am because Joe never came. After everyone left, Joe came. Lol.

The butters.


EG helping out the DA.

Fresh Kayla.


Best idea EVER.


"Hey I'm Kayla and I drive like an idiot"

She wanted a Hello Cat watch.

She got a watch.

No one could figure out how to work it.


- Kelvin G. Santos