Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday's Trash.

We all got up early today and got some breakfast at Jack in The Box, I don't know why. We came back to clean Joe's and Johnny's cars. We touched up Johnny's car a lot today because he is planning on selling it, (Hypnotic Teal Honda EG6). Stay posted for the post regarding Johnny's car for sale. After hours of detailing at the Santos Garage and DA-Pac Garage, we decided to scope out Peak park for some pictures of Johnny's car (up soon). We got back home, rented a couple movies and just snacked all night. Called it quits at 2:00 am, nice. We're pathetic.

Joe's DC2 is dumped... Tuesday's trash.

DC dippin'.

Photo by: Johnny Espinoza.

Joe had some trouble leaving Jack in The Box due to ride-height issues.

Jack's breakfast gets down.

Victor admiring Johnny as he works on his car.

The rest of the day was straight garbage son.

I honestly hope we do something productive before our Thanksgiving break is over.

- Kelvin G. Santos