Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Side.

The same Saturday we went out to kick it, we found ourselves in a real street/tuner scene. It felt unreal at first, but I then realized that I will be getting my car soon. We also saw my dream car, so sick. Soon, soon.

Frank went for a quick canyon run and while he was up there, a veteran driver zoomed by to cut him off which caused a little booboo, nothing major. Not too long after that, my buddy Teggy Tim came down to Circle K from the canyon bringing along some friends. Oh, and did I forget to mention that some cops came down along with them!? The cops started telling everyone to leave before they started to give out citations, so we did, all of us. We then followed each other to a lowkey rendezvous point where we cooled down and chatted for a bit before calling it a night.


Rolling deep: by Johnny.

Johnny scoping out the scene.

Cars don't just go straight.

- Kelvin "Needs His 240" G. Santos