Monday, November 29, 2010

For Sale: 92 Civic EG6 Hatch.

Hey, this is Johnny Espinoza and I have a JDM inspired 92 EG6 Honda Civic Hatchback for sale: $3000 O.B.O. or willing to trade for a clean 5 speed 92/93 DA Integra.



-182,XXX miles
-New black-housing headlights
-Tags are up to date
-Passed smog
-New JDM amber corner lights

-Sound system with CD player and mp3 input included

-Fresh paintjob (Hypnotic Teal)

-Carbon fiber duckbill

-LS Mesh rims


-Salvaged title due to fender bender (Previous owner fixed it and it looks good as new)

-Rally mirror not included

-No AC
-No radio

-Driver seat has tear

Well kept for a 92 pretty much stock. Car runs fine, just trying to sell this or trade for a 5 speed 92/93 DA Integra. This car is a great daily driver and is a gas saver. No lowballers. Contact me by texting my friend Kelvin at 1-714-232-9051. Hit me up on my MySpace too at

- Johnny Espinoza

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bonfire Satudays.

We had a pretty boring Saturday, so we decided to throw a little bonfire later that night. This might be a weekly thing, who knows. We had some festive times with a handful of homies and homegirls, but they all dipped super early for some strange reason. Well this week was pretty different, can't complain.



The kid can't hang, lol.

Straight chippin'.

The fire's gotta die out sometime.

Also, a happy 11 months for Johnny Espinoza and his girl Deanna Jenesis Adame.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday.

Attic has crowd. We went there to their sale the night before and already saw a line forming of eager kids trying to get some cool clothes. We got there later in the day and still got what we wanted without having to freeze our nuts off. Always gotta end the night at the crusty doughnut shop.

$4 tacos were also sold.

"10 cents for 2.3 grams!?"

I want those for Christmas.

Love my homies at Attic.

Gift for a 2 year old or 16 year old??

Soooo bomb.

"Is that a Flame Broiler Clock in the doughnut shop!?"

- Kelvin G. Santos

Giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving was fresh this year. My cousin Colin is going to the Marines in January, so it was his last Thanksgiving. We tried starting up his Hachiroku (car) lol, didn't happen. After getting stuffed off turkey, roast beef and other goodies, we finally headed home. The homies came over and we did some late night Black Friday window shopping at Wal-Mart. We got home all late, then some creep called us, so we decided to prank call as Johnny. It was stupid haha, but nothing better to do. Killed the night at 4:30am.


Hachiroku love.


Daisy wanted in.

Christmas wishlist.

So Cal Rice.


- Santos Brothers

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Washed Out Wednesday.

I had a fresh breakfast today; chicken bake from Costco, Crystal Light packet in some water, and my phone. We helped Frank touched up his grill and moldings on his DA. Then I had Kayla come by to kick it, super chill. We need to chill more, seriously. The homies had some festive greens and we all went to McDonald's, that is after getting Boba. Got home, and sadly, Kayla left. We were all bored at home and just decided to call it a night at 12:20am because Joe never came. After everyone left, Joe came. Lol.

The butters.


EG helping out the DA.

Fresh Kayla.


Best idea EVER.


"Hey I'm Kayla and I drive like an idiot"

She wanted a Hello Cat watch.

She got a watch.

No one could figure out how to work it.


- Kelvin G. Santos

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday's Trash.

We all got up early today and got some breakfast at Jack in The Box, I don't know why. We came back to clean Joe's and Johnny's cars. We touched up Johnny's car a lot today because he is planning on selling it, (Hypnotic Teal Honda EG6). Stay posted for the post regarding Johnny's car for sale. After hours of detailing at the Santos Garage and DA-Pac Garage, we decided to scope out Peak park for some pictures of Johnny's car (up soon). We got back home, rented a couple movies and just snacked all night. Called it quits at 2:00 am, nice. We're pathetic.

Joe's DC2 is dumped... Tuesday's trash.

DC dippin'.

Photo by: Johnny Espinoza.

Joe had some trouble leaving Jack in The Box due to ride-height issues.

Jack's breakfast gets down.

Victor admiring Johnny as he works on his car.

The rest of the day was straight garbage son.

I honestly hope we do something productive before our Thanksgiving break is over.

- Kelvin G. Santos