Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday, Oct. 16th.

After going to Silverado Days Fair to watch Buena Park High School's Dance Production, Warren, Joe and I decided to head to our house and meet up with our dope neighbor Frank. Both Joe and Frank scoped out each others' cars. Joe then had to go to work, so Warren and I got ready for a party we were going to DJ that night in Santa Ana. We asked Frank if he wanted to roll out with us, so we all headed out. Of course we picked up Johnny first. Oh, also we picked up DJ Audiophyre to drop a set at the party. Pretty fresh night.

Like father, like son.

How low?

Super clean.

"When're you gonna slam it?!"

Frank's sick DA.

Who needs power steering?

We had Cedric drop a set at the party.

DAP recruit?

Happy balloon fun time!

"Thug life".

Dog in the bathroom. Normal, right?

When you see it..

The crew.

Afterparty at the doughnut shop.

Waiting for the "taxi".

Demon cat.

More updates comin' soon on the blog. Keep your eyes peeled.

- Kelvin G. Santos