Saturday, October 2, 2010


After a fresh photoshoot with Jesse Rios, Dirty Dan hit us up to give him a ride to this party that he was supposed to DJ at. The party was in Compton, but when we arrived, party was raided. What a bust. We went back and forth pretty far yo. Oh, Johnny was with us too. We dropped Dirty off and tried hanging out with some chicks, but you know how chicks are. So we picked up Ferney. From there we went to some factory kickback; pretty trippy. Overall okay Friday.

The famous Code-E dropped by our pad.

Lowkey: Taco Bell by BPHS renovated.

Pumpin' in Compton.


Fueled up. Freakin' girls.

Ora Monse.

That fool Ferns.

The homie Micho.

Kelvin's "condoms".

About to go to the factory kickback.


After a long day/night, we decided to do some gas station stretches.

-Santos Brothers