Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fingers Crossed.

Should be getting it this Nissan 240sx S13 Coupe on Friday the 29th if everything goes as planned. There are some engine problems that could either be minor or major, so we're having the owner go with us to our mechanic to go check it out. Well yeah, wish me luck.

Needs paint, but no biggie.

Clean rebuilt motor.

Sitting on Megan Track Coilovers.

Maintained interior.

Digital HUD.

- Kelvin "240KS" G. Santos

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Can Transform Ya'.

"You see Joe's car now. Pretty clean, but you ain't seen nothin' yet"

- DA-Pac

Weekend Wars.

This whole week slowly crept by, and when it seemed bad enough, the weekend flew by too quickly! Whatever, I'm really looking forward to this week. Hopefully I get my car, and Joe's car will transform!

JDM binder cuhh.


Victor invited us to fresh Baca's pad to meet his boy friends.

Real man's point of view.

Feelin' lucky?

Joe: Winner of a whopping $2.00.

Late night munchies.

Joe knows how to get things poppin'.

Got home and rocked that fresh Star Wars Battle Front 2.

- our weekend.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Party With The KnuckleDusters.

- Santos Brothers


Here are some pictures that I took of my homie Frank's Honda Integra. I also threw in some concept art for DA-P. If you don't know what it is, then you shouldn't be trippin'.

A Work In Progress.

You can only ask what it is for now.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Silverado Days.

Overall the fair was fun; good food, good crowd, fun environment. Can't wait 'til next year! Hopefully the weather won't be so gloomy.

Hundreds of senior citizens awaiting the arrival of Elvis.

Rawest soap you'll ever use. Look it up.

These dogs play soccer.



Sad sight.

Gnarlier than it looks.

Same: Gnarlier than it looks.

The butters.

The only thing that brings teens to the fair.

"... and we're live"

Carney hoops.

Good stuff.

- Kelvin G. Santos