Monday, September 6, 2010


The last Strawberry Sundays was nothing like how it was advertised on the flyers. There was no battle, no foam, and a few DJs showed up. Some of the DJs that did were rejected bacause they were not allowed to plug their equipment in. But whatever, I just have to admit that it was a huge disappointment as far as the arrangement. But the venue was remarkable. Good stuff, bomb ladies; they were just stuck up. We were at least able to befriend Kidsplay.

Johnny's new whip.

Carbon Fiber Ducksauce.

LS Mesh rims.

Lowkey, I think he loves his daily.

Preparing to fail.

Dirty, Curly, and 4N Warren.

Fresh line.

Dopest toilets.


DJ Pills.

I like that crowd.

At least the people had a good time.

Check out KidsPlay:

- Santos Brothers