Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Round 3?

It was a Monday night and I had some friends over. As the night grew old, people began to leave. It ended up just being me, Pat, and Warren. Aemles CEOs Joe and Hugo rolled through at about 10pm. So we all decided to go walk the Fullerton Trails..

Joe got a fresh new lip.


You're the most amazing car anyone could ever have.

Rollin' out to the trails.

Joe: Dippin'.

Tough guys.

No lie, we walked through pretty far. Then we heard some noises..

..and that's just what we did.

We heard rustling in the bushes and we actually all ran. Even the "tough guys" (Pat and Hugo) were frightened and dashed off back towards the car. Not to mention we also saw a mysterious person walking through the trails on the other side waving a flashlight around, by him/herself at 12am. As we ran to our cars, we could see the figure making its way towards us quickly. But fortunately we were able to get away in time. We did not feel like finding out who or what it was.

Somebody's watching.

- Kelvin G. Santos