Sunday, August 29, 2010

How The Night Ended.

After Warren and I left the exclusive party at Attic, we picked up Johnny,and Ferney. We all went over to Compton at around 9:30pm for Ferney to drop a set at a party. It wasn't all that bad. Then after his set, he and Johnny went over to The Hudson to promote. Warren and I decided to check out a party that was going on back in Buena Park at around 11. Turns out it was raided, so we met up with our buddies Caesar and Andrew. We had nothing better to do so Warren and I brought them to Turnbull Canyon to race. When we got there we saw Highway Patrol lights at the top of the canyon and bailed out. We ended up hanging out at the liquor store by the canyon and met some new faces and fresh cars.

Big Blue.

About to head out to Turnbull.
Canyons got raided. So we posted up at the spotskies.



Second sickest bumper.

Gnarly teggy.

Sickest bumper.



Jockin' jockin' Joe C. jk.

Some crazy bug rolled through, took over the JDM scene.



Death Race?

Sick trunk!


Always a good scene at Turnbull.

Ora...... Monse.


RHD steez, straight import.


Andrew can't handle.

- Kelvin G. Santos