Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Judson and Mary.

Hello there. I'm not sure if you remember, but on one of our older posts entiltled "Factory Fridays", we came accross a perplexing van with paint all over. At first I was confused, but I just found out today that Judson and Mary are a band, and they make some awesome music! I hope you guys check them out and support them! Their music MySpace link is located bellow.

- Santos Brothers

Monday, August 30, 2010

Senior Sunrise.

So first day of school today, and it's Hawaiian dress up day and Senior Sunrise. Nick Zavala is not a senior, but he's my really good friend, so he went too. His mother was kind enough to give us a ride to school at 5:20am. So we stayed for the sunrise and went on with our first day. Amazing.
Oh, and some fitting music:

5:30 in the fudging morning.

My life line.

Patrick was just cruisn' on by all morning.

Nick, the "pro skater model".

Firme Coyote Pride, doggy.



Oh wow lol.

Ora Monse.

Teresa!! :)

Here she comes..


I almost cried when I saw this photograph...

Drunkenstein, munchin'.

Harm, butters.



Nicholas, being artsy.

When you see it...


New principal: Mr. Whodafackisyoo.


Lowkey: Jesse's a freak.



Nick M.'s parking spot.

Dippin' home after lunch, yesss.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Party At Attic.

Attic's exclusive Lounge Launch Event cracked! We were able to kick back, eat, and just have an overall good time with the guys from Attic who happen to be our good friends. Super chill! The party included lots and lots of sushi, drinks, and an awesome DJ who spun a bunch of dubstep. They raffled off a $2,000 watch too!!

"When life hands you lemons..."

The lounge was set up sick.


Oh yeah, got some clothes there too.

The homie Juntin Chon was gettin' a little buzzed.. okay he was drunk.

Winner of the watch: Guy from IMKing. Fair? No.

Luck S.O.B.


Wob wob wob wob.

Don't be shy to drop by and just kick it.

Simply Lemonade.


The guy who owns the watch company (Kang Ko) felt bad so he raffled off his pricey belt.
Oh and Justin was drunk.

And the winner is....

That guy!

Drinks were poppin'.

Fly Like a G6.

Attic's Lounge Launch Party was a huge success. Dubstep and sushi all night!

Can't wait for the next event.
- Santos Brothers