Friday, July 23, 2010

Clean Thursday.

Well I've been in Summer school this week and it's Mondays through Thursdays, not that bad. So we decided to pick up Vic that night to go do something productive. Afterall, it was the night before SlickVic's birthday.

Thursday night at Modoo: Cinnamon bun & low fat milk.

“The truth is balance.
However the opposite of truth,
which is unbalance,
may not be a lie.”
- Susan Sontag.

Custom battery cover for my phone, done by me. Let me do yours.

Decided to drop by a close friend's pad,
just chilled and talked all night until about 12:00am.
Happy birthday Victor! Finally hittin' the big one-six! Cheeee!
We love you man, no homo.

- Kelvin G. Santos