Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Baby.

Here's the most recent picture of my bicycle. Made my ghetto whitewalls last night, sickest.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Touge, Butters.

It was Victors birthday so we went up to the canyons for some fresh touge. Kiddo and Ryan came along too, pretty crazy night.

"JDM Brotha!"

Kiddo gettin' gas for his first races.

After a couple of races, posted up in the canyons to talk.

This is the homie Kimo's ride.
We met him up in the canyons last night at about 2 in the morning.
Really cool guy, sick ride.

After racing, pulled up to the spot to get some snacks and talk.

Too legit.

Stay tuned on the blog. Kiddo's getting his own car soon, so watch out. Kiddo actually took the cake and murdered it out there in the canyons, not bad for his first time. Props. Oh, and there were more pics but they somehow got deleted.. :/

- Santos Brothers

Friday, July 23, 2010

Clean Thursday.

Well I've been in Summer school this week and it's Mondays through Thursdays, not that bad. So we decided to pick up Vic that night to go do something productive. Afterall, it was the night before SlickVic's birthday.

Thursday night at Modoo: Cinnamon bun & low fat milk.

“The truth is balance.
However the opposite of truth,
which is unbalance,
may not be a lie.”
- Susan Sontag.

Custom battery cover for my phone, done by me. Let me do yours.

Decided to drop by a close friend's pad,
just chilled and talked all night until about 12:00am.
Happy birthday Victor! Finally hittin' the big one-six! Cheeee!
We love you man, no homo.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Always On The Come Up.

Here are some pics taken by Night Owls from Strawberry Sunday's.

more flicks; add us @

- The Santos Brothers aka The Knuckledusters


We went to Strawberry Sundays to help out the homies Joe and Hugo to promote their fresh clothing line, Aemles. So we did a little Aemles give away. Also, we (The Knuckledusters) were able to drop a set at the club as well, pretty stoked on that.


Infamouz & Curly.

Ain't got sh*t on iLLS.

Dirty Dee rockin' that fresh Aemles tee.

"Who wants some Aemles tees?!" - (Aemles product toss)

"Now who wants to come home with me?!"

We got some pics of the people who caught some shirts at the Aemles product toss.
Infamouz is a God.

Lucky lady.

An awkward *ss n*gga.

No beef here.

We, The Knuckledusters about to debut.

Cherish rockin' Ladiesman's helmet, freshest.

We'll have more pics up of the gig soon.

- Santos Brothers

Monday, July 19, 2010

15 Crashers.

Straight up; we crashed a Quince, left to go to a party, party got raided, back to the Quince, back home, fin.

Bought some Doc Pep for the party, and some ice.

SlickVic with some lemonade in hand..

Ran into some homies at the party. Low quality.


Havin a blast.

SlickVic and Daisy.

Where's Vic?

"Everyone was over-dressed."

I wish I could explain.

SlickVic all up in the fresh Congo Line.

Dipped home around 12:00 am.

Overall successful night.
Mission Complete.
- Santos Brothers & Vic

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There are bikers, there are beasts, and there's Dakota Roche. I've seen a lot of Dak's riding over time and he always steps his game up everytime. Here's his latest web edit with GSport. Some of you skaters may recognize where the first spot is in the video.

GSPORTBMX.COM: Roche – July 2010 Edit

- Kelvin G. Santos

Monday Night.

It was about 8:30 pm when our buddies Kiddo and Phaze hit us up to go hang out. We picked them up, hoping to find something to do, and better yet, we did. We all decided to go race over at the K1 Indoor Go Kart Racing place in Anaheim. It was a pretty intense night for a Monday! Phaze did not crash, just felt the need to say that. Oh, and we overheard a rumor about some sort of conflict or incident over at Club Fabb...

Not your ordinary Monday night.

- Santos Brothers


This is for all our StepHeads out there.

- Santos Brothers

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kickback Saturday.

Saturday was pretty fun. Me and all my homies were at the skatepark but were really tired for some reason, so we all decided to mob it over to my pad to kick it. It was pretty fresh.

Not even everyone.

The homie Baby Joe was happy to see that his
favorite chips contained 0% grams trans fat.

Justin and Kado. Pass that Intenso Hot Sauce.

The homie Ryan Kirros was giving Joe a fresh lightshow. Tallent.

Lightshows were also given by Julio, Danny, and Gilbert.
Peace to Ills Lightshow Crew.
- Kelvin G. Santos

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Strawberry Clique.

Kicked it with myspace celeb, the fuxxin Kiddo

Windows FTW

Electroshock Therapy Conditioning

Kicked it with DeeJay Phaze from Strawberry Sundays later that night

Don't ask

Flyers, flyers everywhere

-Warren G Santos