Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aemless Clothing™

Be a stud and support my homies' dope clothing line.

Aemless (aimless) Clothing™ is a new clothing company that basically started out of pure boredom in a classroom. Two friends were texting eachother and came to the conclusion that they dont want to work a 9-5 after highschool and during college, so they decided that a clothing company will be created. With the help of their long time friend Patrick Bradley, who owns, they put it all together and created design and name ideas. Soon after the characters were created. The First Gen character is the smiley face with X'd out eyes. The company is basically following in Patrick Bradley's footsteps, but has a Johnny Cupcakes® twist to it.

The two creators are Joe A. Cabello and Hugo Salvador.

Check these fools out. (They also have sweaters, t-shirts, and v-necks for girls. Hats and muscle shirts soon available for guys and girls. Keep posted.)
Aemless Clothing™ Myspace soon to come.

- Kelvin G. Santos