Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CST Week: Tuesday.

Gosh, this testing stuff doesn't get any easier over the years..

Healthy Breakfast = Healthy Mind.

After a whopping 2 hours of guessing on the math portion of CST's,
I played Tic Tac Toe versus my homie,
(not on his iTouch)
Then I felt like exploring the caves of my high school,
and this is what I found.

EATS MPSK (Literally getting up.)

BP isn't exactly in LA, but eh.

REZIK B2D (Stoked off his new sticker set.)

These guys try hard to get fame and go nowhere,
but Paris Hilton never did sh*t,
and look at the life she's living.

Buff Man USA.

Juicing the nib.

These guys.

Kick the baby.

The homie REZIK B2D.

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery..."

The homie BOTSR7ER.

Heshman. (Someone forget their pants?)

So the school's having a "History of Dance" week along with CST's, and my brother was lucky enough to DJ it.

Trying to help.

Steezer Says: Keep checking up on the blog, buddy.

- Kelvin G. Santos