Sunday, April 19, 2015

Build & Maintain

First thing's first, never park like an asshole.

After a long and busy week we rewarded ourselves with dinner at Gen KBBQ in Cerritos.
This was my first time and luckily our homie works there and was able to reserve out table in advanced. As soon as we got there, I saw exactly why it was a "reserve" type of situation. Gen is like a night club that serves all-you-can-eat KBBQ.

Spotted this ridiculous FRS parked by the restaurant. Hands down favorite FRS.

Elucidd & NeneCrackRock.

I already wasn't sure about this place just because of all the hype, fresh cars, bootleg ass "man buns" strolling around the vicinity. But as soon as we sat down and were served, all that changed.

For as busy as the place was that night, right away I was impressed with the quality of service, and also not to mention the 36 options of different items to grill up (in which all were top quality).

Snap it or it didn't happen.

Shots for days.

I must have ordered about 4 steaks that night. YES people, they have endless cuts of prime steak.

This nigga Christian really threw on the gloves to catch a fade with some camarĂ³n.

Oh my, don't even get me started with the chicken. Top of the line shit right here.
Aaron was more than satisfied; well worth the wait, (chicken takes forever to cook).

With as many option as there were, we all backed off the basic ass brisket. If I had to rate this restaurant, I'd give it a solid 8/10. It literally could have been a 10 in my book, but the grill are too small to accommodate for their plethora of endless items. Also we noticed that the service is only on point towards the beginning of the night, but the magic fades as the night grows old and the place gets packed. 

The next morning Aaron totally chunked up his bumper on the way over.


After a little bit of custom duct tape modifications, we made our way over to 714 Tires to get his beast aligned and my bucket's tires flipped. That -11 camber really does a number up front.

As soon as we showed up, we were greeted by one of the nicest automotive enthusiasts that we've met in a long time, Mr. Jonny Lucas.

At first glance, I thought nothing of it; "just another nice car" I thought to myself. But after speaking with Jonny, I learned that he designed the whole kit himself and brought the design to life with the help of Auto Explosion over about a 3 month period. A total 2 years after buying a stock Genesis, Lucas was able to envision his car the way he wanted it and went for it, from the suspension & wheels down to the actual design of this one-of-one kit. 

And yes, those are Forgiatos hoe.

Wait.. what..

Stopped by In-N-Out across the street for some gains & milfs.

Spotted the clean Civic while waiting for our food.

This BMW was looking soooo proper.

We met Johnne a few times over at Attic before, but I felt bad that I didn't greet him sooner than I did. Honestly we didn't recognize him since he had pulled up in his red CRV the first time we met.

Everyone is willing to build, but not everyone is willing to maintain.

- Kelvin G. Santos