Saturday, April 12, 2014

The End of an Era.

As most of you may know, this past Taking Back Wednesday was officially the last meet we will be hosting. Police told us that it was getting too big, and we cooperated with them, spoke with them for a bit later during the night. Big things in the works, stay posted..

Getting the whips pretty at Revolution before the meet.

We're laggin' on that online store.. We'll let you know when it's up.

We were selling decals for the Pham Family for the loss of their beloved son who had passed the week before.

Mandatory Family Dinner.


Big Wang Gang.

The homegirl Virgina comin' in hot with the dumped daily.

This E30 definitely caught my eye.


Slammed Narc.

Buttery Twinkie.

That intercooler was mad lurkin' up in there.

I gotta step my lighting game up like this guy's.
His lights changed colors smoothly unlike my jank ass set up.


This Cherry Red Camaro was sooooooo hard. Sick parking too.

His paintjob brings all the boys to the yard.

Someone call the Camber-lance.

Albert's S14 with that Hellaflush gas cap.

This G-Whip had my knees weak.

Sick color scheme, makes it one of a kind.

This thing was dropped pretty dope. White on white always looked good to me.

Lifted and cambered S10? Down.

This 300 had BALLER written all over it with that color and them Vossens.

Automatic SR20? Hell yeah, daily driven no fucks given.

// S U T T E Y //

And then the cops came and told everyone to leave, only because the meet was too big for the lot.

Don't worry folks, Albert got away clean.

After a long and collaborative conversation with the BPPD,
we headed over to AMPM to eat and talk things over.

// B R A I N S T O R M I N G //
We will keep you all informed on what we have planned,
until then, stay posted and stay Unaffiliated.

- Kelvin G. Santos