Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Without A Spatula.

This was our second year attending the BP VIP Annual End Of Summer BBQ. This was a perfect excuse to get everyone together on the weekend. But like we always say, Summer ain't over until we say so.

We started our morning early to gather our groceries and grocery-getters.

We got there pretty early, even before most of the BP VIP guys.

Daniel Balaj should take up modeling.

Suttey whippin' up that french onion sour cream, with a switchblade.
(we didn't come as prepared as we had planned)

It was game on from there.

# #

The BP VIP guys started showing up slowly, but surely.

Ignant Fitment.


Daniel Balaj's M50 Swapped Wide Body E30.

Of course after a few rounds of Football we all gathered up to share what we brought. We all had way more than we needed, so we were grubbing out hard.

Joe repping.

Cute ass dog.

One word: Aggressive.

BP VIP don't fuck around.

Papabear's Daily.

The wind was blowing hard, no one was holding down the canopy, and yeah..

// DAT LIP //

Daily Driven, No Fucks Given.

After Joe KO'd from having one too many drinks, Suttey saw an opportunity..

You know how the rest goes.

Then as we were packing up, this absolutely stunning 2002 came rolling in.

"Live Simply, So That Others Can Simply Live"

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- Kelvin G. Santos