Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Taking Backl Wednesday 9/2.

Before the meet, a lot went down. A lot more than you would expect.

Out with the old.

Always good to know Oscar's doing good in life. He's a good guy, he deserves it.


Gosh I love me a Corrado.

Simple Integra, me gusta.

PJ rolled through with some familiar looking wheels.

Reminded me of a mix of my old wheels and Anthony's current wheels.

We like this car. We also hope he drives it like this, daily, with the lip on.


Wild bumper on ths Z. Being daily driven, that's just asking to get pulled over.

Lots'a Ludes.

Baller shit. Real heavy.

Then the homie Allen rolled through towards the end of 
the night to remind me that my car ain't shit lol.

All Spoon errythang. ...except the hard top,

Anthony with that grimey ass wink face.

Always great seeing him consistently add stuff to his whip.

The homie Abram comin' in hot.

// YAY YAY //

We gotta start doing more features soon..

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TBW 9/2, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos