Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 8/7.

There was a lot of variety this past meet along with a very mature crowd of car enthusiasts. We can't wait to see what's in store for next month's meet. Keep the good times rolling.

People began to show up just in time.

Proper as fuck.

These guys looked like they were about to fuck shit up, lowkey.

This car put a smile on everyone's face.

I met the owner of this beauty. Built, not bought.

We had to gather up the whole crew to help pick up all the panties that this 510 dropped.

Nice car, but I'd rather be rolling on stocks..

Riley's new project.

Everything looks better lower.

If you think you're low, then you definitely haven't seen Sammy's static Civic.

These two looked hard rolling up.

Can't hate, both cars looked mean in their own way.

Dat crowd.

OH, then Ryosuke Takahashi came and stole the show.

Until this guy showed up and brought all the boys to the yard.

But our favorite vehicle of the night had to be this Mini-Truck.

We hope to see everyone next meet.

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Skunk2 CivicDat DatsunOldishCivic on AdvansRiley's ProjectRiley's Project
Static SammyMiatasLittle Car, Big WingMiatasPlymouthRyosuke Takahashi
Ryosuke TakahashiRyosuke TakahashiRyosuke TakahashiThat One NSXMini TruckMini Truck
TBW 8/7, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos