Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 4/17.

After a quick detail session on Wednesday, we rolled out to the meet for some good vibes and great company.

Anthony and Joe always showing up late lol.

Pretty huge turn out, and Chase was packed as you can see in the top left corner. Other than a bunch of dumbfucks revving up and burning out down the street, there was a great turn out with a very diverse crowd.

Mr. Koldus's Cobalt.

Alex actually came on time for once lol.

We noticed a good amount of 8th gen Civics rolling up.

I love this guy's Civic. The look he's going for is by far one of the most Japanese influenced approaches I've seen on any EJ's locally, all he needs are rims and he should be set.

This truck was so sick. Don't get me wrong, I was into trucks at some point, but now after seeing this guy's truck, I can't decide whether I want a 1980 Monte Carlo, a BMW E28, or a Ford Ranger as my second project..

The Chase lot was over capacity again, but the only difference between this meet and the last is that people were acting like immature fucking idiots revving up and burning out in the lot and down the street.. Whatever, we hope you get ticketed for that shit. As to everyone at Chase who was actually keeping it chill, we respect that, keep it up.

This Talon was pretty clean, definitely caught my eye.

It seems like 99 out of 100 cars with roof racks don't use them for the right purposes, let alone use them at all.. We're not hating, just simply stating.

Headed back to the main lot to get the raffle started and it was crazy! We gave away some Sanctiond cleaning product, some free burgers from GD Bro Truck, Rosewood calendars, and IM King tees! We always love to give back to the community for the support.

As we were cleaning up after the meet, we found a couple of these on the ground. Is someone coming to the meets trying to get lucky?

DetailingJawbreaker E30Unaffiliated X Hyper16ValveSuper Smart CarKoldus's CobaltAlex Low'N Slow Crew
Fresh Miata8th Gen8th GensUnique CivicUnique CivicUnaffiliated Meet
E34Sick ass RangerDat AssAkebono USDM EFPackedTalon
FreshyS2000AccordAkebono USDM CivicCivicClean EF
TBW 4/17, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos