Sunday, April 7, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 4/3.

Great turn out thanks to everyone who showed up. Shouts out to Hyper16Valve, GD Bro Truck, Sanctiond and Forza Horizon

The Fam.

GD Bro knows how to serve up a juicy burger.

I knew what I wanted.

Hyper16Valve all day.


Datsun corner.

Scoped out the Chase Lot to see how it was; I'm sure these photos speak for themselves.

Always a pleasure having Amir stop by in his track monster.

Came back to the mainland to see what was good.

No respect.

Big Ballers.

There was a whole crew of these bagged beauties, but so many people kept trying to squeeze in making their own parking spots and ended up blocking almost all of the trucks..

Dai Low showed up just in time for the raffle.

Grabbed another burger before the raffle.

We raffled off  a whole bunch of Sanctiond car care products and two brand new copies of Forza Horizon for XBOX 360. Just giving back to the community for showing love and support.

Just a few of the many Sanctiond winners.

Shout out to these guys for winning the grand prizes. We'll keep the raffles going as long as everyone keeps coming out and showing love, hope to see everyone next meet.

UnaffiliatedGD Bro TruckGD Bro TruckG35CamaroHyper16Valve
FitSlammryDatsun CornerMR2SubieMiata
MiataLifted TundraMiataGenesisFitDatsun
ClassicTCAudiChase LotTLChase Lot
TBW 3/4, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos