Thursday, April 4, 2013

Huntington Hoodlums.

The weather was so on and off last weekend, but that didn't stop us from having a good time.

The things you see on Beach Blvd.

Street Sweeping.

Anthony hooked it up with a sick ass sticker from work.

Huntington Hoodlums.

Clean FD spotted in Huntington.

Super clean Rat Rod dippin' down Main St.

Got some danky burgers from a new burger joint that just opened up. We can tell you this much; Unaffiliated Approved.

Beach was looking super glooms by the time we got there. But hey, we saw a chick in her bikini with the FATTEST and FIRMEST set of tits that we have ever seen in person while walking along the shore. We will never forget..

Yung swoopers, no shame.

We seem to always run into this guy in his gnarly Impala.

Mobbing down Main St.


After leaving the beach, we went straight over to The Millionaires' concert. I helped my brother make a remix of one of their tracks, (click here to listen) and they were actually really hyped on it. They told us that they were going to perform it live that night, so we got a little VIP treatment.

About to go on..

Had an awesome night with The Millionaires and the night wasn't over yet! Shouts out to Melissa Marie Green and Allison Green for performing our, (Knuckledusters) remix, and for DJ Hook for getting us in and dropping the sickest set. Great times with The Millionaires and definitely more to come.

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Huntington Hoodlums., a set on Flickr.

- Unaffiliated Fam