Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking Back Wednesday 1/23.

This week's meet had a pretty big turn out. We do apologize in advanced to those of you whose cars did not get a picture taken of. There were so many cars that you either left before we got to your car or people were crowded around your car. We will do our best next meet to get everyone's car. Other than that it was a pretty mature crowd with chill vibes. We're also starting to notice a few regulars now, pretty cool to see people come and chill week after week. We might just have to start leaving Unaffiliated stickers on the regulars' cars..

Andrew always holds down the fort as the only Volkswagen R32 in the lot.

Probably our two favorite GC's that roll through.

Hella Respectable.

Mark always comin' clean.

Love the single yellow high beam.

Romane's always up to something, this time he went all out with the yellow

Warren's Coug, sittin' pretty.


Right hand drivin'.

Shawty gots a nice ass tho.

Stay posted for a feature on this pimpin' ass 2013 Mustang.

Two late S14's rolled up, but it was chill kickin' it with them. Really cool guys.

Boozie and Warren posted.

Really cool turn out, hope to see everyone at the next meet. Also make sure to stay posted on the Unaffiliated page for photos, give-aways, and occasional features. If you haven't already, follow us on Instagram @unaffiliatedfam and rep that #unaffiliated lifestyle. Rest of the photos are always going to be located on the bottom of each post. 

PackedWhite EFHonda EPWhite EFClean ZenkiGreen Civic

Red E34Big Ass Yellow Truck86Widebody In The WorksE36Drew's R32
Favorite GC'sGCGCClean CivicEclipseG35
Bug EyeClean WagonE30Black SubieE46Nova
TBW 1/24, a set on Flickr.

- Kelvin G. Santos