Friday, November 16, 2012

Taking Back Wednesday 11/14.

One word to describe these meets; Diverse. We weren't able to take pictures of everyone's cars because people started leaving, but we got what we could.

Shouts out to Royal Flush for rolling through.

Jofel's Evo.

Jineane's Wagon.

- Kelvin G. Santos

Frankie's AccordSmartest CarClean KoukiVIP AltimaMiataS13
Royal FlushE30 VertClean CivicY33GS3HUNNASlammed RSX
Clean BMWJofel's EvoEclipseEclipseEG'MERICA
CRXDumped PriusYotaCressidaCressidaCressida

TBW 11/14, a set on Flickr.