Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bridgin' Gaps.

We had a pretty proper night with the homies at Pho 21, then over to Starbucks for some black coffee and other hip stuff. Nothin' like endin' the night grubbin' at the pad watching Miss March. Heck yeah, not bad for a Sunday, ya feels?

My girl is the only crook I know.

E-Thritz my niggs.

Dwayne's RSEX Type S.

JDM, DTM, what's the difference?

Buena Park is burnt, but I'll admit it; I love my city.

I bet ya'll are wondering, "Where are the pics of Kelvin's car??" Well yeah, maybe not, but still. If you wanna see it, gotta wait 'til the Wednesday meets.

- Kelvin G. Santos