Sunday, November 7, 2010

That Half of Satuday.

It was Saturday, so something had to happen. Eric came by in his Lambo with Nick and Jesus. Frank, Johnny and I dipped in the DA, while Warren and Vic took the Cougar. We were 3 cars deep, so we roamed the streets of Buena Park, Fullerton, Brea, and Whittier. We'll have more posts soon about what went down later that night.

350Z Killer.

JDM Doughnuts.

Shoe drift charm: +50 hp.

About to dip to Burger King.

Nick got a head start on his.. contraption.

Lambo, Cougar, DA.

Married couple.

On the phone with her :).


Big city life.

DA-Pac, reppin'.

The spot.

Happy juice.


Ora Monse.

Frank had a great time chasing the Touge, but the canyons never let you leave without a mark. We'll definitely be heading back soon.

- Santos Brothers