Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Factory.

So it was the first Factory Saturday in LA, so we (The KnuckleDusters), DJ Tamer, and AudioPhyre went over there to go do what we do best. (DJ lol obvious). Traffic was heavy on the way there, but it was all good. Pretty weak night, but hey, it was the first night. Met some fresh chicks though, hopefully they can go to the next one; it should be better.

Fillin' up.

Gotta stay fueled somehow.

The gnarly venue.

Cool lights.

Settin' up.

AudioPhyre puttin' it down.

Foreign Warren, Tamer, and AudioPhyre.

"DJ Kelvin".


The KnuckleDusters.


They're like, steezy.


Silent Stephie!

Shooting stars.

Drove home finally, clean night. Better be fresher next time.

Stay posted cuhh.

- Santos Brothers.