Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Late Night Yum Yum.

So some girls come all the way from like, Moscow on Saturday to pick up Ferney and Johnny to go to some party in Norwhack, so Warren and I followed in the Seeker Cougar. Then they turn around and said we're going to a different party, in Anaheim.

We get there, find out it's waaaaayyy too packed, and leave. Warren and I went home and Johnny and Ferney went to the beach with those two grils. So Warren and I got some McButters on the way home. In about an hour, the girls pulled up in front of our house to drop off Johnny. They dropped Ferney off home because he couldn't hang.

Victor also came out of the car because Johnny told the girls to pick him up on the way. The girls drove all the way back to Moscow, and Johnny felt like doughnuts.You already know how it goes.

Johnny was on Cloud 9.



Fool can't hang.


I really don't know.

So we finally called it a night.
- Kelvin G. Santos