Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We went to Strawberry Sundays to help out the homies Joe and Hugo to promote their fresh clothing line, Aemles. So we did a little Aemles give away. Also, we (The Knuckledusters) were able to drop a set at the club as well, pretty stoked on that.


Infamouz & Curly.

Ain't got sh*t on iLLS.

Dirty Dee rockin' that fresh Aemles tee.

"Who wants some Aemles tees?!" - (Aemles product toss)

"Now who wants to come home with me?!"

We got some pics of the people who caught some shirts at the Aemles product toss.
Infamouz is a God.

Lucky lady.

An awkward *ss n*gga.

No beef here.

We, The Knuckledusters about to debut.

Cherish rockin' Ladiesman's helmet, freshest.

We'll have more pics up of the gig soon.

- Santos Brothers